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As branding and consulting experts DiRadioCast.com serves as the public face of DS3’s Entertainment Division.

DiRadioCast is our new media network where we showcase our clients, highlight events around the world, share tips and publish news related to Entertainment News, Music, Technology and their Implementation in Small Business. DS3 strives to educate Small Businesses and Creatives like independent artists, videographers, photographers, web designers, producers and songwriters by sharing our content, articles, videos, tips and technology.

DS3 and DiRadioCast provide unlimited resources to BUILD YOUR BRAND through our Small Business and Music 101 memberships, and our RadioCast programming available via 72+ syndicated outlets worldwide. Our RadioCast is an Audio/ Visual presentation of urban format podcast programming. It supports urban music, lifestyles, technology & commerce globally through air play, promotion and encouraging conversation and targeting ages 24+.

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